Sunday, March 10, 2013

A New Season

Hey Friends,
The time has come where I begin to shift my focus to one place. My schedule has gotten really busy and the Lord has given me a new vision for my first blog A Whimsy Willow. I've loved this blog and have learned alot from starting it, but I see the Lord taking me to a new place. So with fresh vision, I will no longer be blogging or creating new items for Three Remain. I'm closing shop and focusing my creative energy towards Whimsy. I hope that this blog has encouraged you and brought your thoughts to our sweet Savior. I'll keep the blog up, but there won't be new posts. I would love for you to start following A Whimsy Willow as I will be combining my creative work and what the Lord is teaching me onto that blog. May the Lord bless you and draw you ever nearer to His heart.

1 comment:

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